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Lady Bella

About Me

My name is Lady Bella and you must address me as so, I am a Professional Dominatrix based in the San Diego area, I stand 5'5 with strong and firm hands my shoe size is 6.5. My sessions range from sensually dominating to playfully sadistic. They are strictly bdsm sessions only no escort related services provided. I do this because I love manipulating and chastising those who enjoy it, I will listen to your interest and limits and always take them in consideration however you are here to serve and entertain Me, and you must understand that before serving me.


My dungeon is a private discreet location equipped with everything necessary to make it an unforgettable experience. Custom made equipment, sound proof walls and a variety of toys. This is my own dungeon located less than 10 mins from Down Town San Diego. 

My Favorites

Many people ask me this and the truth is my interest vary depending on who I'm playing with, the energy I experience doing one form of play with one sub may not be the same as with another one but that's ok, W/we look around and find a common interest where W/we both share that intense energy.

Some of my absolute favorites include anything that has to do with foot worshipping, trampling, human furniture, sensual domination, sissy training, humiliation and servitude.

My Limits

Some of my limits include brown/red showers, diaper play, anything to do with real animals or anything that may be considered illegal. I am not a sexual partner of any kind that includes oral play, it's never going happen don't bother asking. I will not play with anyone under 21.

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