Lady Bella

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Lady Bella's  BDSM Dungeon Rules

Rules Upon your Arrival

  • First time clients must pass a small screening in order to see me

  • I will be providing you with an address and instructions on what to do and where to park, DO NOT PARK NEAR MY LOCATION IF YOU ARRIVE EARLY!!! I have my dungeon built in a home location and can NOT have guys sitting outside waiting. If you feel you will arrive early ask if I can see you sooner I may say, "come on over" or "wait a couple blocks away till our set time." If I find out you're sitting out there waiting I may either ask you to just leave or you're going to work extra hard to make me happy bc I will clearly be upset with you

  • Be discreet when arriving my location, there is no need for you to talk to anyone around. If you have any questions simply call me.

  • Be on time, if you're running late have some common curtesy and let me know.

  • If you can't make it for whatever reason call me immediately to cancel, If you are unable to call before hand you must call within 24 hours with an explanation otherwise you will be banned from ever serving me. 

  • Have my tribute inside an envelope unsealed, place it on the first table/desk you see upon entering.

  • I am not a sexual partner of any kind, never going to happen! so don't bother asking 

  • Take a shower be clean before coming to see me. If you have a strong smell I will ask you to take a shower witch will take time away from O/our time. If you're a sissy make sure to be clean everywhere inside and out (enema), fail to do so will result in a hygienic fee of +$50

  • Be ready to have fun! While your in my presence you belong to me! your sole purpose is to be under my feet following my every command.